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Why Choose Employment Harbor?

At Employment Harbor, we understand that the right staff can transform your business. As a Minnesota-based, family-operated staffing agency, we specialize in connecting high-quality talent with companies aiming for growth and success. Here’s why you should consider partnering with us:

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Industry Expertise

Our deep knowledge across sectors enables us to source talent that doesn’t just meet but excels in your industry’s unique landscape. Trust in our proven record of precise matches.

Elite Talent Network

We grant you access to a select talent pool, sourced from exclusive networks—professionals vetted for their exceptional skills and readiness to advance your mission.

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Swift Solutions

Time is valuable. We commit to rapid delivery of staffing solutions, ensuring quality isn’t compromised. Efficiency is our promise, excellence is our deliverable.

Tailored Staffing

Your organizational culture is unique; our staffing strategies reflect that. We craft personalized solutions, aligning closely with your vision for the perfect fit.

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Risk and Compliance Managment

We safeguard your interests through stringent risk management, ensuring compliance and comprehensive insurance coverage, complete with a clear replacement policy.

Adaptive Scalability

Responding adeptly to your business ebb and flow, we provide staffing solutions that scale with your needs—supporting your growth, adapting to change.


Our Services


Temporary Staffing

Short-term staffing solutions for projects, leaves, or seasonal needs with prescreened professionals.


Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Evaluate potential permanent staff through our temp-to-hire trial placements, ensuring ideal team fit.


Direct Hire Staffing

Streamline your hiring with our direct hire service, connecting you with candidates who fit your culture.


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Take the first step towards optimizing your workforce. Schedule a consultation with one of our staffing experts to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist.